From different years our firm hocks him in the study of the production of the SAP applicator MICRODOS, investing in planning and evolved technologies.

The intent is to improve the product and to make it interesting and desirable in comparison to the analogous existing products on the market both for quality than costs.

Just in this futuristic optics, we introduce you the new: MICRODOS-4.

MICRODOS-4 will appear with the same look of its predecessors, it is the new electronics that makes it more innovative.

The system auto-calibrates automatically, without interventions during the operation, therefore it will always be calibrated.

The autocalibration is every 8 seconds, constantly adjusting itself to the external variations; to the specific weight of the SAP, to the insertion of weight much more different from those previously inserted, to the environmental conditions too much shoals or damp.

Microdos-4 EV2 can handle the operation of the system of “refill”

IMPORTANT: we have developed, a system of remote assistance with the simple connection to internet.
Our remote - service previous authorization of the client can operate as if it physically were present from the final client.
The remote - service is able to provide to any inherent operation for functioning of Microdos.

The realization of the new tool, thanks to the technologies advanced, have allowed more and more the integration of the functions with a smaller number of components, reducing times and costs of production.


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