Micro Design System was born in 1980 and specializes in the production of medical systems and fiscal systems for measuring gas methane.

Toward the beginning of the years '90 widen its interest toward the realization of a dosing system, ideal for dosing in automatic products in dust, in granules and SAP, commissioned by a great Italian firm.

After a scrupulous study and a precise realization born the "MICRODOS".

Today it is one of the Italian instruments more used and also distributed on the foreign market, thanks to the good reputation for the quality, precision and accuracy of the details.

The innovative electronics used on our system, allows to eliminate many problems for the dosing of the SAP, consequential from errors on ramps, in phase of loading and others, making so precise productions without discards of product. The MICRODOS series 3 boast an oscillating precision among 0,5% - 2%, per diaper.

The dosing system of the serious MICRODOS-3 represents the right solution to weigh and dose in automatic products in dust, in granules and SAP, for alimentary, confectionery, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The various models at your disposal cover a large range of weights and courses, such to satisfy every demand.

The “module” operating with a microprocessor anymore a panel PC with touch screen guarantees an high precision in dosing and assures facility of employment for the driven immission of the parameters of configuration.

The connection to the business net "Internet" allows the continuous updating of the software and grant a prompt remote assistance.

Microdos do Brasil – Produção e Comércio de Sistemas de Dosagem Ltda.
Rua Canopus, 290, Jardim Satélite - CEP 12230-460 – São Josè dos Campos - SP